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horse-bridleWelcome to MACTACK, your premier source for custom made horse gear in Australia.

Your horse is one of a kind. Whether you take part in shows and competitions, or simply enjoy keeping him as a pet and companion, you want to give him the highest quality and most comfortable gear – from horse bridles to horse reins to saddle blankets. At MACTACK, we are happy to provide you with customised horse tack in any size or colour you might desire.

The horse gear we create is 100% Australian made, and every piece is made to order. Available sizes include small pony, pony, cob, full and extra full, and our range of colours covers the spectrum with red, yellow, blue, white, black, brown, gold, florescent pink and many more. Among our top quality materials are PVC, solid brass and stainless steel. Zinc die-cast is also an option. We promise your horse will stand out from the crowd in her unique and stylish gear and

Searching for and purchasing horse gear online might feel unfamiliar to many new customers. Because our service is based on making exclusively customised horse gear, you can be confident that you'll get exactly what you ordered. We understand the many differences between each and every horse, and are happy to adjust our product line to your needs. More than offering choices in size and colour, we are prepared to work with specific measurements and individual characteristics. Please feel free to inform us of any particular requirements.

As horse showing is a popular sport in Australia, it has become increasingly important for riders to make a statement with their horse riding equipment. Imagine you and your horse, together out on the course, in matching colours and shining new gear. You'll be sure to make an impression on the competition and judges.

While customised horse gear is our primary business at MACTACK, we carry a wide range of accessories and other riding related items. To make certain that your horse is looking her best, we offer curry combs, rubber grooming mitts and vinyl grip hoof picks. For protecting the hooves, we sell brush boots and bell boots, with or without fleece lining or Velcro. For your canine friends, we carry dog collars and leads.

horse-haltersIn the event that you would need assistance figuring out your horse's bridle size within our sizing system, our web site features a set of bridle measurement charts to help you determine if your horse is a small pony, pony, cob, full or extra full.

When you visit our web site, check out the weekly specials for any items that might be on sale. While some of these items may not be available for customisation, you're sure to save some money with our ready to sell stock. No matter what you order, your purchase will be sent through Australian Post, and you will receive an email confirmation with an order tracking number.

Settling on a merchant when you're looking for horse gear for sale in Australia can be a big job. Wouldn't it be nice to order from someone you can trust to put your and your horse's specific needs first? At MACTACK, we're familiar with the diverse world of horse care and horse riding equipment, and enjoy using our skill to make the best horse reins, horse bridles, accessories and other horse gear for professionals and beginners alike.

No animal is more stately than a horse, and attractive, well-made Australian horse tack is just the thing to complement your beloved companion. Peruse our product line, and place your custom horse gear order today!



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